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    How is PrepRight Redefining MCAT Prep in Canada?

    Offering a robust 12 weeks MCAT prep course offering LIVE, small group sessions focused on content overview, high-yield concepts and questions, and an option to build a personalized study plan one-on-one that suits your lifestyle and optimizes your time commitment to achieve excellence. Instructors teach in real-time and the classroom offers a highly stimulating and collaborative environment, both key components in ensuring the most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE way to prepare for the MCAT.

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    Redefining MCAT PREP in Canada

    At the FREE MCAT Workshop session, you'll learn what we offer. We'll discuss:

    • One-on-one MCAT study plan creation
    • One-on-one progress assessments
    • Access to section-based lessons plans
    • LIVE, COLLABORATIVE, RECORDED group sessions
    • Full-length practice tests including LIVE MCAT test review
    • Mentorship and continued guidance by our instructors to realize your vision and your potential!
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    Sam M.

    General MCAT Instructor, Vancouver

    Denis K.

    General MCAT Instructor, Toronto

    Dr. Harlene S.

    Head MCAT Instructor, Ottawa

    MCAT Tutoring & Mentorship in Canada, Structured for You.

    It doesn’t matter if you plan to write the MCAT in three months or in a year, Your vision matters, Learning right matters, Quality matters. So PrepRight!

    Professional MCAT Instructors

    We’ve partnered with a great team of specialists to provide you with the best MCAT prep courses available in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver. All of the courses listed here were carefully selected by our highly skilled MCAT instructors to ensure that each course meets the stringent standards of quality, quality, quality. We’ve carefully vetted the courses and all of the course instructors. If you want the most competitive MCAT prep courses available in Toronto, Toronto, and Vancouver, then make sure you choose PrepRight.

    Get Your Questions Answered, Right, the First Time.

    In addition to providing a personal yet centralized location for questions and answers, we’ve also improved our ability to help coaches deliver the most accurate test taking experience possible, by providing coaches with a consistent formatting, as well as text of our coaches’ questions and predictions. Our new coaching structures will ensure coaches receive regular, quality coaching content that’s tailored to each student, and provide long-term confidence in their work.

    Best MCAT Test Prep Courses in Canada

    The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is considered the highest standardized admissions test in North America. It is used to predict medical school success. If you’re a college student or expecting to go to medical school, then you want to be sure that you’re taking the best MCAT prep courses available. Here at PrepRight, we’ve reviewed hundreds of the most competitive MCAT prep courses available in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver. All of the courses are evaluated by our MCAT Program Staff and have been hand-picked for their commitment to high quality and professionalism.

    Private In-Home MCAT Tutoring in Canada, personalized to your needs.

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    The MCAT is designed to push boundaries, not only subjecting you to 7.5 hours of continued focus but also a mastery of concepts across 7 different sections. While only you can do the prep and write the exam, appropriate guidance and mentorship, like the one provided in this extended course, makes the difference between a confident and goal-oriented candidate and one who is burdened by the sheer quantity of materials being tested. This exam is more than just a standardized test, it opens doors to future careers and allows you to fulfil your personal vision. Our high quality instructors are dedicated to making your prep period go smoothly and have specifically designed the course to follow these four fundamental steps to ensure a great score: Simplify, Understand, Recall, Review. Rinse and repeat.